Extractions vs Fillings: Which Is Better?

June 24, 2024|

When you have cavities or decay, you have a choice between extractions and fillings. This is a pivotal decision to preserve your oral health and function. It's important to understand the circumstances that warrant each procedure. Knowing how to determine which option is best for you is vital to maintain your dental well-being. In this blog, we explore why someone may need an extraction or a filling. We go over what each procedure entails. We [...]

The Positives and Negatives of Dental Sealants

June 24, 2024|

Dental sealants are a common preventive dental treatment. They protect against cavities and decay, especially in vulnerable areas of the teeth. Sealants can provide significant benefits in maintaining oral health. But you have to weigh both the positives and negatives with this dental procedure. In this blog, we will delve into why someone may need dental sealants. We also provide the advantages of sealants and the potential drawbacks to consider.Why Someone Would Need Dental SealantsDental [...]

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